Every single day we would meet each other in that same room sharing jokes and freaky ideas. We would pick a topic and jump on it, agreeing and arguing, whichever stand or side we were on. The daily debates became a good medium for our growing friendship. Every time, we would have a good laugh. Friendships flourished and bonds were formed.

From the start of the morning helloes till the end of the day goodbyes, new friends became old friends. From dusk till dawn, we would talk to each other, mess with each other, contribute funny stories, share our heartaches and problems, listen to each other, and offer our suggestions and support as friends.

Having this feeling of happiness and comfort, we felt compelled to give back to the room our thanks, for accommodating us through the good times and the bad. Thus christened, a small room, #buangons was born! Uwah! Uwah! October 30, 2006!

Invitations to all buangons were sent, and people with diverse personalities came and stayed. Everyone in #buangons is considered a friend.  Everybody else followed and hung out. And we became a bigger room of #buangons friends.

So dayon mo sa atong gamay’ng payag.  And may we have many more BUANGONS friends to come!

There is always space for YOU!

Enjoy your stay!